Friday, February 18, 2005

The possibilities

I am very attracted to him and I do not know how to stop this. I do love my husband and I don't want to cheat on him but I am afraid something will happen if I let it. I know he is attracted to me as he tells me often. He tells me how beautiful I am and how I turn him on. We talk everyday cause we work together. His desk is only about 5 feet from mine. We both get our work done but find plenty of time to flirt. We email each other sweet flirty emails all the time.

I should let you know he is married also and I have met his wife. This would be harder if she was a sweet person but she is not. She has mental problems and sees a doctor for it. She is on lots of medicines for her personality problems. I feel bad for him cause he is such a nice guy and so good looking too.

Tonight the whole office is going to a local bar to have a party for one of the girls who is leaving us. We both know this is when something will or won't happen. I will try to be a good girl tonight but I am very excited about the possibilities also.


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