Monday, February 21, 2005

Yes it happened

We went to the party and drank a few and tried to stay away from each other as much as we could but every time I looked up he was looking at me. We would smile at each other then move away. Finally most everyone had left and we found our selves sitting at the bar with a barstool between us. Finally after the last guy we knew left he got up and went to the bathroom then took the seat next to me when he came back. We stayed there slowly drinking one drink and taking like we normally do in a flirty way. We were enjoying each other's company.

The bartender came around and said it was closing time so we both got up and headed toward the door. He held the door for me and we walked together but I did not go to my car. He open the door of his Siberian truck and I got in. He got in to drive and I slid over to be close to him. We parked in a dark wooded area near a canal and he kept the truck running and the radio on softly. We talked a bit then he leaned in for a kiss. That was it the gates were open and we went at each other like magnets.

It was so romantic and very satisfying. We made love for hours. We had climbed into the backseat and made love in every position. The windows were very streamed up and we had no cloths on. We were not cold even though it was cold outside.

Finally we got dressed and got back in the front seat. He drove me back to my car and we kissed and kissed goodbye. I went home and laid on the couch the rest of the night. The next morning my husband got up and laughed at me and asked how the party went. He figured I got pretty drunk so I let him think that. I told him I had fun but got sick so I stayed on the couch to be closer to the bathroom. He made me breakfast/ I lay around the rest of the weekend reliving that night.

Do I feel guilty? No I should but instead I feel great.


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