Thursday, July 07, 2005

boy have things gotten good

Well there has been a new change. My husband knows he can not keep me happy in bed so he said we can bring in another guy. I talked to HIM and he areed it would work good. We are not able to do it too often but when we do it is great. We still have his wife to hide from. He really is thinking of leaving her then I have no idea what we will do but till then we will keep dong what we do.

My husband loves to watch me get on top of him and slide him in as far as I can take him in. I very much love doing it. I get off so much. My husband does join in but since he can not last long it is up to him and I.

Oh he also moved but not till we became friends with his wife too so this way we can go visit them for the weekend from time to time. Last weekend was one of those times. We went camping with thier kids and all. We had our own tent and stuff so it worked out great. The wife left us 3 alone with the kids the 1st night. We got a bit drunk and somehow ended up in our tent for a few hours. We could not see real well but we sure could feel alot. I did not get to have actual intercourse with him that night but I got very turned on and came all over the air matress anyway. The timeing was just great cause he got out of our tent fully dressed a half an hour before one of the kids got up to go potty.

We stayed one more night but the wife was there so all we could do was sneak looks at each other and enjoy each other's company. We did have fun doing that and got lots of great pictures. The next night we went to thier house. This was a clean up and rest night. We did go to the show which was fun too.

The next day was the 4th of july so we did not have to go home yet. I had taken the following day to go home and rest so that was really cool. My husband made up an exuse for the 3 of us to go out to the garage. He said something was clogged in our air conditioner. The 3 of us got out there about 3 that after noon and began to drink a bit. We were able to talk rather freely and got each other all turned on all after noon. I would make sure I could not be seen through the doors or windows and would flash the guys my large tits once in awhile. As it got darker his wife figured out that we were not going to see fireworks. But what she did not know was we were making our own out there. He finally asked if he could take me in the corner and have his way with me for 10 minuets. My husband said sure cause he really does like to watch and he was the look out. We got in that corner and began kissing and ended up fucking standing up doggie style for about 20 minuets then we stopped. I took my husband in that corner and let him do me too so He could watch too. My husband did cum but he did not.

He then asked if we could go out back and do it some more so my husband let us go. There we laid in the grass and really got into the sex for atleast an hour. I watered the grass big time. When we got back in the garage I thought we were making way too much noise so I finally said I was going to bed.

We were sleeping in his basement room. It is fixed up real nice down there. I thought that was the end so I took off only my shoes and passed out. I did not know how long it was (but I know now,an hour) but the guys came down there and He got in bed with me and took off all his clouthes so my husband could take a pic of us. I was still sleeping and you can tell in the picture that I am. I did wake up thinking there was a thunder storm cause of all the flashing. My husbnad took many pictures but somehow he had filled his memory on his camera and was useing his. We deleted them all from that one so his wife did not find them. We still have the few we got on our camera but man did I want those other ones. We ended up fucking for 2-3 hours down there and boy was it fun. I came so many times I can not remember the count. I fucked my husband a little but got him off by sucking on him while he fucked me from behind. It was great.

Anyway the next day after we got home we found out he lost his checkbook and I just knew it was out by the garage. I was right. I still think that was funny as hell.


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